Beit Yeshua Bat Yam had its first meeting on January 7th 2012, after long and intensive prayers. We decided to start a new congregation because we’ve felt that Lord is calling us to witness in our neighborhood.   Today, we have about 50 adults and 35 children that walking to our cervices. We are local congregation that ministers to children, holocaust survivors, drug addicts and alcoholics, and normal families with children. 

During the breaks from school, we run all kind of activities for children such as camps or vacation bible school with games and activities. We do that because children are alone at home while their parents are at work. It is wonderful blessing to the parents who see the change in their children because of our ministry. Our children are invited to Germany, the Tabia Mission run a camp for our kids every summer, this is also wonderful way to teach children for ten days far away from home.   

For holocaust survivors, we distribute food packages to help because they spent too much money for medicine. 

For addicted people we have a bible studies because we believe that the addiction can be cured by the word of God only. 

For all who attend our weekly main service, which is every Friday 18:30 we have hot food that we eat together because it unites us as one big family in the Lord.

Once in two month we provide to the residents of our city free tour to the holy sites in order to share the good news of our Messiah. This is wonderful way to preach the Gospel because people really want to know what is, the holy sites all about.

Core Values of Beit Yeshua Bat Yam


We believe in the inerrancy of Scripture, the Triune nature of God and full deity and sinless humanity of Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah, salvation through faith in Yeshua alone. We also believe that God is faithful to His covenants and promises to the Jewish people and in the importance of Jewish evangelism.

Goal of our website:

Our goal is to reflect the best of Evangelical and Jewish scholarship in our website and to demonstrate how Christianity and Judaism intersect and inform one another on a variety of scholarly and practical areas of study. Therefore, submission of Beit Yeshua Bat Yam is to be supported by a thoughtful, biblical, and theological analysis and relevant to Messianic Jewish thought, Jewish evangelism and the interplay between Judaism and Christianity.